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1.Printer Cartridges what are they?

A printer cartridge is little container of printer Ink which we must use to keep the printer working the size of cartridge normally but not necessarily depends on the number of pages it prints. Inkcart provides the cartridges which suits your printer model we offer both original and generic. Generic or compatible cartridges does the same job for a much lower price.

2.Original ink cartridges generally known as OEM what are they?

An original ink cartridge also known as OEM product is cartridge manufactured by the branded printer company for example if you use a Brother printer then cartridges used in it is manufactured by brother company.

3.Inkcart brand generic or Compatible ink cartridges what are they?

Inkcart brand compatible cartridge is brand new cartridge manufactured by Inkcart which is excellent in quality and exceeds its expectation in comparison to the original ink cartridge. Our product is 100% guaranteed backed by our money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product (terms and conditions apply).

4.Printer warranty invalidation after using compatible ink cartridge is it true?

Using a compatible ink cartridge does not fail your printer but it is advisable that you must check your printer manufacturer warranty statement in our view compatible cartridge perform same as original cartridge with much lower price. If in case compatible cartridge doesn't work then it can be replaced with original.

5.How do I know that how many pages I can print with ink cartridge?

Our friendly staff at inkcart will be able to tell you how many pages you can print with particular cartridge but that is based on standard printing if you print photos or you have lots of bold letters and linings the number of pages it can print changes as photos and bold letters take extra ink to print.

6.My printer does not print properly after changing the cartridge?

we advise that you perform printer cleaning operation which can be found in printer properties maintenance section your printers manual is the best thing to refer to perform these cleanings around 90% printers work very well after this.

7.My printer ink lights keep blinking saying the cartridges are empty although i have replaced new compatible cartridges?

We advise that you ignore this message as a lot of printers say the same but keep printing.

8.When i replaced the inkcart compatible ink cartridge my printer gives message that non genuine cartridges are installed what is this?

We advise that you pass this message by pressing next button your printer will work in same way as it works with original cartridges.